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Squint :   Normally both eyes are straight while looking ahead and move with perfect coordination in all the directions. When one of the eye deviates either outside (away from nose), inside (towards nose) or up or down the condition is know as squint .
Suffering from Convergent Squint   Need Surgery for Vertical Squint
Convergent Squint
Vertical Squint
Treatment : In children the condition should be treated as early as possible with glasses, occlusion therapy (covering the healthy eye) and squint surgery.
Squint Surgery : There are six muscles controlling each eye ball's movement. Two of these control horizontal movement, two control vertical movement and two control oblique movement. Depending upon type of squint (horizontal, vertical) these muscles are strengthened or weakened by surgical procedure.
Weakened Horizontal Muscle
Strenghten Horizontal Muscle
 Recession (weakening)
of horizontal muscle
Resection (strengthening)
of horizontal muscle  
Occlusion Therapy
Convergent Squint
Occlusion therapy 
Convergent Squint after Surgery
Exercises of weak eyes are done using synaptophore at our centre so as to increase its vision. Exercises with synaptophore also help in cases of eye strain, computer fatigue syndrome, etc
Machine for Improving Eye Sight   Exercise for Eye Sight
Squint Surgery is performed at our centre routinely.
Need Squint Treatment   Squint Surgey Done
Before Surgery   After Surgery
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