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Orthodontics is the science of straightening and correcting teeth.
Who Needs Orthodontic Treatment ?
  • Children as well as adults, are choosing to have orthodontic treatment for several reasons :
    1. Malocclusion (bite or occlusion is off)
    2. Tooth malalignment (crooked teeth)
    3. Unhappy with appearance of teeth
  • During the preteen and teenage years, the jaws are growing and maturing, therefore it is easier to shift teeth at this stage rather than later on in adulthood.
  • More adults are choosing to have orthodontic treatment in order to improve the appearance of their teeth. Since their jaws are no longer growing, treatment may take a little longer.
Irregular, Procline, Crowded & Malaligned teeth can be beautifully align by orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic appliances are two types one is removal & other is fixed one by which mild & constant forces applied on teeth are to be aligned. Children those who have bad habit like thumb sucking, lip biting, tongue thrust, mouth breathing should be treated in early dentition to avoid gross malalign at late stage. Early loss of milk teeth is another reason for irregular & proclination of teeth. As most the parents think that milk teeth will shed so these are less important. But children's health, chewing & future aesthtic early extraction of milk teeth should be avoided.
Thumb sucking causes proclination Lip biting leads to upper incisors forward
Mouth breath leads upper front teeth protrustion Tongue thrust or biting leads to open mouth
Smile is the index of happiness. Beautiful smile attract others. A set of good aligned teeth improve one's profile & personality.
How do braces work ?
  • Teeth can slowly be moved and shifted into proper position by applying pressure in certain directions. Bands, wires and elastics are placed on the teeth to move them in the right direction. This takes place slowly and carefully over an extended period of time.
  • Shifting teeth back into a functional position can take months to years, but eventually you'll have a new and improved mouth!
  • Retainers are often used after the braces, to hold the teeth in their new position until they are stable.
  • It is important to wear the braces or an appliance for however long it takes. If you quit at any point during treatment, the teeth can shift back into their old position.
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