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Dental caries is a infectious disease which damages structure of tooth. Tooth decay is caused by certain type of acid producing bacteria which is microscopic in nature & can't see it by naked eyes. It is the most common disease in the whole world after the common cold.
If the caries progress the damaged enamel surface becomes dark brown or black. A late sign of dental caries is holes or cavities in the affected teeth.

Dental Caries Treatment
CARIES TEETH with apical abscess
Symptom :
Sensation & painful tooth when eating cold, hot & sugary drink.
Treatments :
Filling the cavity as soon as detected. We use best filling materials like composite, glass informer, calcium hydroxide & occasionally amalgam so filling last longer.
Prevention :
Cleaning teeth at least twice with fluoride or triclosan contain tooth paste.
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Wikipedia: Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or a cavity, is a disease where bacterial processes change carbohydrate like sugar in food left on teeth to acid that demineralises hard tooth structure.