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There are two categories of prosthesis Removal & Fixed. We are providing both these types. Fixed prosthesis may be single unit or multiple units. Single unit is known as jacket or cap or crown. Multiple units are familiar as bridge. Crown & bridge made of many materials so quality obviously vary from one to another. We have been using following materials for making a crown or bridge.
Need Dental Bridge Bridge or Fixed Prosthesis
Many teeth missing Bridge or fixed prosthesis
  • Acrylic Bridge
  • Metal Bridge.
  • Metal-Ceramic Bridge
  • Ceramic Bridge
  • Zirconium Bridge
  • Titanium Implant Supported Bridge
  • CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) Bridge
We also provide rigid acrylic removal denture, flexible denture & cast denture.
Need Dental Crown and Bridge Work Dental Crown and Bridge Work
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